CSA: Week 3


June 16, 2011 by Sara Kreidler

This week’s box contains a lot of great stuff and, just as importantly, no spiders.

  • 2 quarts of strawberries
  • 2 large bags of mesclun greens (wooden bowl)
  • 1 bunch scallions
  • Basil, mint and parsley (blue bowl)
  • 1 bunch red radishes
  • Garlic scapes (the green snaky-looking things in the front)
  • 3 heads of butter lettuce
And now for some close ups of the goods:
Strawberries.  They’re much smaller than what you usually find in the store, but also much sweeter and they don’t have as much of the crunchy, white core that I am used to carving out of the extra large grocery store berries.
Scallions, herbs, radishes and garlic scapes.  Garlic scapes are just the green shoot that pokes up from the bulb of garlic that is growing underground.  Scapes are full of fresh garlicy flavor.  You can chop them up and use them as you would the bulb of the garlic plant.  I hear they make awesome pickles and plan to make some pickled scapes this weekend.
Mesclun greens.  Every week the mix is a little different.
Super close up of the greens.  So pretty.  And the flavor is amazing.
Butter lettuce.  According to Uncle Google, there are two types of butter lettuce — Boston and Bibb.  I have no idea which one this is.  I can tell you it tastes awesome.
Zoom in on the butter lettuce.  It lives up to its name — the texture of the leaves really is buttery.
About 30 minutes later, this is what the contents of the box looks like.  I washed and spun dry all of the mesclun greens and packed them into containers so they are ready to eat.  I washed and cut up one head of butter lettuce for dinner, cleaned and hulled all of the strawberries so they’re ready for dessert tonight and breakfast tomorrow, and bagged up the rest of the veggies.  I try to use as few plastic bags as possible at Toby’s urging, and the white fabric bags you see here are reusable produce bags that I’ve grown quite fond of. However, I have learned that certain things, like herbs and radishes, don’t keep well in the fabric bags and need to be in plastic.
And here is the empty wooden crate, plus the empty strawberry boxes which I will return to the farmer for reuse.
Wednesday nights are generally CSA throw together meal nights.  We clean and put away the veggies, and then figure out a way to make a meal with whatever we received plus staples we have on hand.  So we started with a salad of butter lettuce, radishes, and a carrot leftover in the crisper from the farmer’s market.
Toby chopped up some scallions and garlic scapes and sautéed them in olive oil along with sliced chicken breasts from the farmer’s market.  After the chicken was cooked through, he added asparagus from his mom and dad’s garden and cooked it for about 30 seconds.  We topped the salad with the warm chicken and asparagus and dressed the salads with vinaigrette (the kids just ate the chicken with white rice, although Owen did eat a few bites of asparagus and Oona had bowl of lettuce which she calls “leaves from the farm”).  For dessert, we ate big bowls of strawberries.

2 thoughts on “CSA: Week 3

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