CSA: Backstage Pass


September 10, 2011 by Sara Kreidler

Today, we took a tour of Kretschmann Organic Farm in Rochester, PA.  As I’ve previously mentioned, we subscribe to the Kretschmann’s CSA, and we’re pretty much Kretschmann groupies.  We had a great time — the farm is gorgeous, the kids loved seeing where their food comes from and running through the fields, and it was so nice to finally meet Mr. and Mrs. Kretschmann, with whom I have exchanged countless emails.

First stop, the apple orchard.

The kids, running alongside a field of broccoli.

Broccoli in progress, up close.


One of many, many fields of tomatoes.  After seeing how many tomatoes there were growing on the farm, I didn’t feel so bad about ordering bushel after bushel (I was quietly worried that I was being a tomato hog).

Kale as far as the eye can see.

Crates of harvested veggies, ready to go down to the barn for sorting and distribution.

Thai basil, Italian basil and sunflowers.

I think this was a raised bed where they start new plants.  I love how it looks like a quilt.

I’ve spent some time this evening thinking about how grateful I am that we not only got to tour such a beautiful farm, but that we also know the people who produce the majority of the food we consume.  We buy nearly all of our meat, produce and dairy from the Kretschmanns and the farmers at the Farmer’s Market Cooperative of East Liberty; we know these folks on a first name basis, can call or email them anytime with questions or requests, and can easily drive to their farms and see how our food is produced.  It’s ideal for us, but I recognize that it is unfortunately not an experience that most people can relate to these days; I hope that continues to change.


3 thoughts on “CSA: Backstage Pass

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