CSA 2011 Retrospective


November 16, 2011 by Sara Kreidler

Throughout the season, I’ve updated the “csa inventory” page with the weekly list of items we received in the CSA box from Kretschmann Farm in Rochester, PA.  This post is a photo retrospective of our weekly boxes.  It’s kinda cool to see the season progress this way.  We received the “plus” sized box, which was $27/week for 25 weeks, and we think it’s a steal (we also ordered lots of extras over the course of the season — bushels and pecks of tomatoes, beets, peppers, peaches and other goodies — as add ons, but those are not pictured here because they’re not part of the standard subscription).

Week 1 (6.1.11)

Week 2 (6.8.11)

Week 3 (6.15.11)

Week 4 (6.22.11)

Week 5 (6.29.11)

Week 6 (7.6.11)

Week 7 (7.13.11)

Week 8 (7.21.11)

Week 9 (7.27.11)

Week 10 (8.3.11)

Week 11 (8.10.11)

Week 12 (8.17.11)…we were in Vegas that week and didn’t take a picture of the CSA box

Week 13 (8.24.11)

Week 14 (8.31.11)

Week 15 (9.7.11)

Week 16 (9.14.11)

Week 17 (9.21.11)

Week 18 (9.28.11)

Week 19 (10.5.11)

Week 20 (10.12.11)

Week 21 (10.19.11)

Week 22 (10.26.11)

Week 23 (11.2.11)

Week 24 (11.9.11)

Week 25 (11.16.11)


One thought on “CSA 2011 Retrospective

  1. […] other news, last year I took a picture of the entire CSA box each week.  You can see the full retrospective here. This year, I’m trying a different approach, and instead I will take a picture of one […]

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