Je tiens à déguster vos meilleurs fromages….


January 18, 2012 by Sara Kreidler

I am delighted to report that this spring, Toby and I will travel to France for a week for our honeymoon!  And although the title of this blog is a sort of bastardized french, I do not speak a word of the language.  I figure I can learn the necessities in the next few months though — how hard can it be to learn to ask for more wine, more cheese, and more dessert?

We’ll be splitting our time between Paris and Beaune.  I doubt we will have any trouble finding good food and wine in either location — Paris speaks for itself, and Beaune is in the Burgundy region, which is well known for its wine and rich, hearty cuisine (or so says my lonely planet guide book).  In addition to spending a great deal of time eating and drinking (and taking pictures of what we are eating and drinking), while in Beaune we plan to attend a cooking class, check out a local market, peruse a cheese shop, and partake in a few wine tastings.  If anyone reading this has recommendations for places to eat (or other activities, food related or otherwise) in Paris and/or Beaune, please leave me a note in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Je tiens à déguster vos meilleurs fromages….

  1. Aimee says:

    Ah! Une lune de miel à Paris – c’est merveilleux! Je suis jalouse!
    My husband and I spent a week in Paris a few years ago. It’s every bit as stunning and romantic as they say. My first suggestion is to start practicing your French NOW. Even if you have only a few phrases under your belt, it will be much appreciated if you make an attempt or two to say what you have to say in FRENCH rather than going straight to “Excusez-moi, parlez-vous anglais?” Things to do? Here’s my rather long list. Sorry!

    Notre Dame is worth your time. Pay extra and take the tour that goes all the way up (a magnificent, tiny spiraling staircase that goes on FOREVER) to the top. The bell is pretty amazing, but it’s the view from the top of the Cathedral that is jaw-dropping. You won’t get it anywhere else.

    Saint Chappelle was one of the highlights of our trip. Another Cathedral – the stained glass is absolutely the most stunning I’ve ever seen. Try going in the early hours when the light pours in. I wished I had had some headphones with me to put on some relaxing music and just take it all in.

    The Pompidou Museum (Centre Pompidou) is another must. Wonderful.

    The Loeuvre – you will only have time to be able to check out a teeny tiny section of the museum. If you really want to go, I’d pick a specific exhibition or piece you want to see and do directly there. You could spend weeks there and still not see everything.

    Le Musée D’orsay – magnificent. The building and location alone are incredible. The museum is known for its Impressionist and post-Impressionist works. It’s amazing.

    Le Musée Rodin – another must. It’s a short train ride there. Before going, stop by a charcuterie for some pâté de campagne, a fromagerie for some good cheese, and a boulangerie for a baguette. We also packed a bottle of wine and cups in our bag and had ourselves a lovely picnic on the grounds of the museum, among the sculptures, which are stunning and gorgeous. A fabulous day trip.

    Chateau de Versailles – a longer trip, and an all-day thing. It is decadence and extravagance like you can’t even imagine. I wasn’t thrilled about going there, but ended up being awed. Huge, sprawling, tiny little rooms and furniture and beds…everything is exquisite. You can then go to the Place de la Bastille and see Marie Antoinette’s cell there! Yikes!

    With all this we still had time to take walks, catch a local opera singer at the oldest (and tiny) cathedral in Paris, see a movie (Marlon Brando, in English with French subtitles!) hit a small nightclub, have a day or two where we did our own things (I went to the tuileries gardens), shopped, walked, napped, and ate like kings and queens. I gained 10 pounds on that trip!

    One thing we skipped – La Tour Eiffel. Very touristy, and I’m really scared of heights and wasn’t sure I could handle it! Ha!

    You can’t go wrong, whatever you do. Even if you just spend afternoons sipping coffee at a cafe and watching people you’ll have a great time. Just try and get a handle on the metro and asking for directions there – can be tricky.

    Oh – and make sure you leave room in your suitcase to bring home wine. Five or ten US dollars will get you a bottle of wine in France that would cost $20 here. Stock up! 🙂

    • Sara says:

      Thanks a million, Amy! This list is great — I’m going to print it out and go over it with Toby soon so we can make some decisions about places we must see while there! And I DO need to start practicing some phrases — thanks for the tips!

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