Jar Love

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February 1, 2012 by Sara Kreidler

We devoted a lot of time and energy this summer and fall to preserving food in jars.  And we’ve already eaten a good bit of it, leaving us with empty jars to store away until the canning season starts over again.  In the meantime, we’ve put some of those jars to use in our pantry, holding various dry goods — flour, sugar, granola, trail mix, banana chips, seeds.  There are a few vintage jars in the mix too which I acquired at Goodwill and which I don’t want to use in the boiling water bath canner because they’re quite old and may have tiny scratches and chips that could lead to a broken jar in the canner, but they’re perfect for dry good storage.  The white plastic jar lids are perfect for jars used for pantry storage.  It makes me happy every time I open the pantry to see all of those jars.  And yes, I realize how nerdy that is.

Speaking of vintage jars, this weekend I found this beauty (a half gallon Hazel Atlas bailing wire jar, without the lid) in the basement of the Box Heart Gallery.  Nicole and Josh were kind enough to let me take it home, and I’ve turned it into the new centerpiece on our dining room table.

jar love.

In other jar related news, this weekend I did a dry run of our flowers for the wedding.  I knew from the beginning of the wedding planning process that I wanted the following things: (1) to wear a simple, Caroline Bisset-Kennedy style dress, (2) to get married in our living room, and (3) to decorate with vintage blue ball jars stuffed with hydrangeas.

I had no idea at the time that the blue-ball-jar-and-hydrangea-thing was such a trend on the wedding blogs (thanks for stealing my thunder, Martha Stewart), but I’m undeterred.  I really don’t want to do trendy wedding things, but jars are something I love, and canning is something that Toby and I like to do together, so it just makes sense to me to do it anyway.  Toby’s mom and dad have a great collection of blue ball jars (among many other vintage jars that I covet) and have loaned us a bunch for the wedding.  This weekend I went to Whole Foods and ordered a ton of hydrangeas for the big day, and took home a few stems to practice with.  I realize now that I’m looking at the picture above that I need to make the arrangement a little bit rounder and less lopsided, but I’m still really happy with the overall look.  There will be some green hydrangeas in the mix as well when I do the real deal.

Anyone else out there have jar love?  What do you do with your vintage jars and/or regular canning jars once they’re emptied out?


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