Mother’s Day Garden


May 17, 2012 by Sara Kreidler

One of the things we were really excited about when we bought our house was the outdoor space. It needed a bit of work (and there’s still lots to do), but after living on the 16th floor of an apartment building, we were grateful to have a green space to call our own. Last summer we weeded and cleaned, Toby made some raised beds from the extra bricks laying around the yard, and we planted a small container garden.  And then we got distracted with work and the kids and a million other things, and the garden died from neglect.

before: our garden, full of weeds.

When Toby asked me what I wanted for mother’s day this year, I told him I wanted to give the garden another shot. I wanted to buy new plants (I am not brave enough yet to try growing from seeds) and spend the day outside with him and the kids, playing in the dirt.  I got my wish.

after: mother’s day garden, full of good things.

last year’s mother’s day gift, a beautiful hydrangea, is making a comeback.


one of six strawberry plants, with a tiny berry in the works.

two cherry tomatoes.

box of herbs: parsley, cilantro, mint, basil and rosemary.

pepper pots: jalapenos, habaneros and red chiles.

pansies and begonias.

Thanks, Toby, for such a wonderful mother’s day. I can’t wait for everything to get growing.


One thought on “Mother’s Day Garden

  1. […] for 10 scapes, so I was a tad short. To compensate, I added about a cup of fresh basil leaves from my garden.  The result was great — the scapes, which are garlicky and fresh tasting, were balanced out […]

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