Canning Plans 2012


July 17, 2012 by Sara Kreidler

We’re half way through July, and this is the time of year when canning at our house starts in earnest. It’s also a good time to look at what we put up last year and how much is still sitting on our shelves, and adjust our canning plans for the coming year accordingly.

It’s also worth noting that one of the main reasons — in fact, probably the main reason — I write this blog is for myself, to keep track of recipes and other kitchen adventures for future reference.   Which is to say that I recognize that this post may not be very relevant or interesting to anyone other than me.

So I took inventory of the jars that remain on our larder shelves and compared it to the end of canning season inventory list I posted in November.  We made too much of some things, not enough of others, and some were spot on.  Also, there were a few recipes that we weren’t thrilled with and won’t repeat.  Here’s the breakdown.

Too many:

  • Pickled jalapenos.  We love how they turn out, but we just don’t use them fast enough.  We put up 12 pints in late September and we have 8 pints remaining. I don’t plan to make more this year, I’ll just use up what we already have.

Too few:

  • Crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce.  We need to put up more tomatoes this year. Way more. I’m down to one quart which I’m going to use up this week. I don’t want to run out this early in the year. We did 81 quarts of tomatoes total last year (55 quarts of whole and crushed tomatoes, and 26 quarts of sauce) , so this year I plan to do at least 120 quarts total (possibly 150).
  • Pickled beets. We did our beets in late September and we’re already getting pretty low.  We eat these on almost all of our salads, and they’re popular with our family and friends so we like to give away some jars as gifts.  Last year we did 28 pints and we’re down to 7 pints now; this year I’m going to shoot for 35 pints.
  • Peaches in light syrup.  We used them sparingly because we only put up 10 quarts, but we really loved them.  I’m going to shoot for 20 quarts this year.
  • Pickled hot peppers. We did 21 pints in early September and we’re down to 4 pints. I wouldn’t make a ton more, but I’d like to have a few extras, so I’ll shoot for 25 pints this year.
  • Dilly carrots. I really like these and used them sparingly because we only put up 5 pints.  We’re down to 1 pint now. This year I’ll put up about 10 pints.
  • Tomato jam.  This stuff was a huge hit around here. We put up 3-12oz jars and 12 half pint jars, and I have only one half pint jar remaining. This preserve makes a great holiday gift as well, so I definitely want to make a lot more of it this year. I think I’ll plan on 24 half pint jars.

Just right:

  • Dilly beans.  We put up 30 pints and 4 quarts, and have 5 pints remaining.
  • Dill pickles. We put up 14 quarts and 8 pints, and have 3 quarts and 3 pints remaining.
  • Bread and butter pickles.  We put up 8 quarts and have 4 quarts remaining.  However, we will try a different recipe this time (see notes below).
  • Sauerkraut. We put up 2 quarts and 1 pint, and we used it all up.
  • Apple sauce.  We put up 14 quarts in November, and we have 7 quarts remaining.

Won’t repeat:

  • The bread and butter pickle recipe.  We love bread and butter pickles and will make more this year, but we weren’t thrilled with the flavor produced by the recipe we used. The pickles were too oniony and not sweet enough.  They’re not bad, we just don’t love them.  So this year we’ll try a different recipe.
  • Pickled soy & wasabi green beans.  Again, these weren’t bad, but we didn’t love them, and we won’t repeat them.
  • Indian spiced pickled carrots and daikon radishes.  I made 6 pints but never posted the recipe because I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be happy with the end result.  I was correct.

For the sake of being complete, I’ll also note that we froze the following in 2011 (we still have a few bags of corn and peppers, but everything else got used up, and I’ll plan to do about the same amounts of each this year):

I’m keeping track of what I put up in 2012 — you can view the list so far (short though it is) here.  I have plans to make a few new canned good this year (jalapeno jelly is at the top of the list) so stay tuned for new recipes to be posted in the coming weeks and months.


3 thoughts on “Canning Plans 2012

  1. Tricia says:

    Where / How do you store everything?

    • Sara says:

      Hi Tricia. I have a pretty big basement, and I store all of my jars there, on shelves. You want to be sure to store your jars somewhere cool and dark.

  2. […] winter. I shuttled heavy, jewel toned jars down to my basement larder, and felt proud that I met all of my canning goals for the season and then some (posting a final jar count and a photo of the full shelves is also on my blog to do […]

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